Chapter 4


Operation Attleboro: Wounded U.S. Infantrymen evacuated from the jungle. (UPI Photo)


I was wounded twice by machine gun bullets. The first went into my right thigh, the second into my left knee while I was falling down. I crawled to the stump of a tree and pulled myself up so that my back rested against it, and tried to stop bleeding. I managed to do so with the knee wound, but I could not attend to my thigh because of severe loss of blood.

I sat there a long time, and finally I heard two soldiers approaching and from the sound of their voices, I realized they were Americans. I thought that they had been sent out to find and kill our wounded, so I kept quiet and they went by without seeing me. After a while, they returned carrying one of their wounded. More hours went by. The sound of heavy firing had been moving slowly away toward the left. Then I heard soldiers approaching again. Americans? I do not know if they were the same two that I had heard before, but by this time when I lowered myself to the ground and pretended to be dead, they stumbled over me in the dark. One of them put his hand to my heart, felt it beating and said something to the other American there. They put me on a litter and carried me toward their lines. It was then that they discovered I was one of the enemy. I was sure they were going to kill me, but instead I was evacuated by helicopter with their own wounded.

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