Chapter 6


The interference during the shopping spree came on the second day when several disgruntled enemy "storekeepers" tried to retrieve their stock. After some were killed, others decided to turn in their "time cards" and quit. Overall, Operation Attleboro had taken more than 900 enemy lives, and U.S. casualties were officially described as light, though some units were hit hard and a few of the top U.S. leaders had close calls. Brigadier General James Hollingsworth, inspecting the Battle Zone in a helicopter was shot down by VC ground fire. But, as the enemy closed in on the downed General and his crewmen, Major Robert E. Oberg guided a chopper through heavy fire from the ground to pick up Hollingsworth. Minutes later, Brigadier General John R. Deane, and Depuy dropped down in their helicopters to rescue the four crewmen and Hollingsworth's aide.

Beaten, VC made for Cambodian border; captured stragglers caught in mop-up said their officers told them GIs did not want to fight.
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