Chapter 2


We had just come back from such an operation when we received word that we were to go on this one. We got in from this last operation toward the end of the month and received our pay (in those days we got paid once a month). We did not have time to spend it in the normal fashion, although I did manage to buy a black and white TV, and was able to send it off. I did not have time to test it to see if it worked, but insured it anyway just in case it arrived damaged. As it turned out, the set would not work and the repair was made without cost to the recipient. I know it was essential to mail the set off if possible for if I returned from this operation it most likely would not be there.

I served with my unit from October 1963 through early December 1966 and throughout my tour of duty in NAM as a grenadiere. Which is to say, I carried the M-79 Grenade Launcher as pictured on the previous page. I served as a specialist fourth class or spec. four (E-4).

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