Charlie Name given to the Viet Cong, VC, Victor Charlie
Chinook Large, two-bladed cargo helicopter
CP Command Post
Dustoff Medical Evacuation Helicopter (HUEY)
Eagle Flight Lightning fast operations carried out by several troop laid in HUEYS on a VC village or suspected area
G-2 Intelligence
Gunship Armed helicopter
Grunts Nickname given to the Infantrymen (GI's)
H & I Harassing-and-Interdictory fire
H E High explosives
Hooch Hut
HU-1D The workhorse helicopter of the Viet Nam War (the HUEY)
KIA Killed in action
Klick 1 kilometer
LAW Light Antitank Weapon
LP Listening Post
LZ Landing Zone
M-14 Standard rifle (7.62mm) of the Infantry in Viet Nam, replacing the older M-1
M-16 A special lightweight rifle (5.56mm) designed especially for use in Southeast Asia
M-60 Standard (7.62mm) light machine gun
M-79 Grenade launcher (40mm)
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation helicopter
Military Time A 24-hour time period beginning and ending with midnight. So, any time from midnight until noon would be considered AM hours. Time beginning from noon until midnight is considered PM hours. For example: 0500 hours is 5am; 1500 hours is 1pm; 1800 hours is 6pm.
NVA North Vietnamese Army or Regulars
Nung Mercenary troops of Chinese descent paid by the U.S. Government
Piaster South Vietnamese Currency equating to approximately 85 cents to the U.S. Dollar
PRC-25 Lightweight Infantry Field Radio
Reaction Force Standby, reserves or reinforcements
RTO Radio Telephone Operation
S & D Search-and-destroy
S-2 Staff Intelligence Officer
Slick Unarmed copter used for transporting troops
WIA Wounded In Action


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