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This journal entry is from a trip that my mother and father and I took to Holland, in 1959. It was shortly before we ended our three-year stay in Germany.

This entry features two images from the Hague, 14 from Madurodam, and 22 from Keukenhof. You will notice a cute, blond haired boy in these photos, wearing a red coat. That boy is me. Standing near me is a handsome man with a gray suit. That man is my father, Frank S. Farmer. My two brothers, Paul and Craig, did not accompany us on this trip. Evelyne does not appear in any of these photos.

The Hague photos show a couple of street scenes in that city.

The Madurodam is a wonderful miniature world. Before there was Thomas the Tank Engine or LegoLand, there was Madurodam.

Keukenhof is a delightful display of tulips and other flowers, in a wonderfully landscaped setting.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I would be especially interested in any information that you may have about any of the photo subjects.

Frank R. Farmer

Madurodam Brochure
Madurodam Brochure
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