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This journal entry is about my family's trip from Maryland to California. This was in 1955, when there were 48 states in the United States of America. I have no memories of this period, as I was about one year old. There are a few things that I remember from my parents, Evelyne D. and Frank S. Farmer.

My Dad was changing his Army career, switching from his infantry service in the Korean War, to intelligence activities with the US Army in Germany. He was taking intensive courses in the German language and other related intelligence topics. He was also pursuing a bachelors degree. His initial assignment was at Fort Holabird, Maryland. He was then assigned to the Army Language School, at Fort Ord in Monterey, California.

Our trip starts in Washington, DC, with photos of important American landmarks from that city. It continues through the Maryland countryside, and on to rural Ohio. In that state, we visited Aunt Lois, cousin Marvin, and Uncle Pete, who gave me my first haircut. Uncle Pete was a dear man, and much loved. He passed away from cancer a few years later, at a young age, after putting up a gallant fight.

Our cross-country journey continued on with stops in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and on to California.

Most of the photos in this journal are in and around the coastal region of Monterey. My mother deeply loved this part of California, and this was among the happiest times in her life. There are numerous photos of the seashore and the nearby contryside. During this time, we were visited by many relatives, including Uncle Paul and Aunt Elaine. They brought their two children at that time, cousins Judy and Richard.

The trip closes with an aerial shot taken over Toledo, Ohio, as my mother and I were enroute to Germany. Pictures from that country will be the subject of another entry from Evelyne Farmer's Travel Journal.


Frank R. Farmer


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