Farmer Family Easter Trip 2002 Photo Index
We started on Easter Sunday. Here we are in our Easter Best, right after Mass
Our first stop was in Bishop, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada. Here is a view near our hotel, looking up Highway 168, heading for North Lake and South Lake. Frank went backpacking up there during the Summer of 2001
Here is a view of the Kearsarge Pass area, taken from the town of Independence. Frank went backpacking up there during October 1998
The Mount Whitney area, taken from the town of Lone Pine. This is where we turned off Highway 395 and headed east toward Death Valley
We are standing on an overlook near the Darwin Plateau, with Panamint Valley in the distance behind us
Looking out at Badwater, the lowest place in the US
There was quite a line of people waiting to have their picture taken at this sign
Waiting for the train to pass, with Las Vegas off to our left.
We drove on Route 66 for a few miles in Arizona, between Kingman and Williams
View across the Grand Canyon, looking at Bright Angel Canyon.
Munch and Tepo
The Watchtower
The eastern end of the Grand Canyon, from the Watchtower
This guy is everywhere!
Monument Valley
Getting a closer look ...
Mom and Dad
The San Juan River at Mexican Hat
The Mexican Hat
At Four Corners
The Official Four Corners
Our Trusty Steed
On the La Sal Mountain Loop
High Peaks in the La Sal Mountains
Scenic ridges and aspen trees in the La Sals
Castle Valley from the La Sal Mountains
There are penguins at Arches National Park!
Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, and Courthouse Towers
Cactus near North Window Arch
Munch on her way to the Window Arches
North Window Arch
Family waiting for Dad ...
Delicate Arch
Proportional view of Delicate Arch
Beautiful red flowers on Delicate Arch vista trail
Munch watching as Dad hikes back
Pausing near Wolfe Ranch
La Sal Mountains from Fiery Furnace Viewpoint
This guy really is everywhere!
A good place to stay in Moab!
Along the Colorado River near Moab
Munch exploring Lehman Cave
Formations in Lehman Cave
Local residents checking us out in the parking lot at Great Basin National Park
Storm clouds brewing on the crest at Great Basin National Park
Official mascot of the Hotel Nevada, in the town of Ely
The Hotel Nevada, in Ely
We saw these red and white right of way markers running all the way from Utah to California. Apparently they demarcate a fiber optic line.
The Information Highway meets the Pony Express Trail
Lonely highway sign in Austin, Nevada
The highway leading home
Back home, and back to the normal routine
Trip Map (coming soon!)

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