The Farmer Family Easter 2002 Trip Report


This guy over on the right symbolized our trip to the American Southwest, during Easter Break 2002. His name is Kokopelli. He started as a character in native folk lore, and has become an unofficial mascot of the lodging industry and other tourism-related interests. But don't be too critical, because he represents the best of intentions and the right of everyone to enjoy life.

This year, we took a whirlwind driving tour, lasting eight days. Starting in Sacramento (California), we stayed in Bishop (California), Kingman (Arizona), Valle (Arizona), Cortez (Colorado), Moab (Utah ... two nights), and Ely (Nevada). Along the way we visited Death Valley National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Four Corners, the La Sal Mountains, Arches National Park, and Great Basin National Park. It wasn't a particularly restful vacation, but we saw a lot of scenery and had a lot of fun. We met a lot of nice people who made us feel welcome and appreciated. We also ate in some nice local restaurants, stayed in some good lodging establishments, and did a little shopping. We took day hikes along the rim of the Grand Canyon and in Arches and Great Basin National Parks. The weather was nice every day, with just a few clouds every now and then. We drove through a little rain storm as we went from Great Basin National Park to Ely, Nevada.

Presented here are 53 photos from our trip. You can view them in sequence as a slide show, or read the captions and make selections directly from an indexed list. We'll try to get a trip map, when we get around to it.

Photo Notes: The camera used on this trip was our trusty old Samsung automatic 35mm. Ansel Adams and David Meunch have nothing to worry about regarding our pictures, but we hope you enjoy them anyway!


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The Farmer Family

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