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From The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary:

tí·o [tí·o] m. uncle; old man; good old man; fellow, guy

cam·po [kám·po] m. country; field; camp

From Webster's New World Dictionary:

ec·lec·tic (i klek´tik, e-) adj. [< Gr. ek-, out + legein, to pick] selecting or selected from various sources --n. one who uses eclectic methods

par·a·digm (paré dim, -dÍm ´) n. [< Gr. para-, beside + deigma, example] an example or model

Tiocampo (Frank Farmer)

This is a website for generalists ... people who are interested in a lot of different stuff. I use it to organize and present material that is pleasing or interesting to me, and possibly, someone else. I also use this website as a tool for learning about web presentation techniques.

Along the way, I have made a lot of friends. I started with Tiocampo's Dry 76/Wet 78 Photo Essay in 1995. Immediately, I noticed a lot of search engine hits from people looking for wet T-shirts. That was the beginning, and I haven't looked back. Since then, I have added a lot of other topical pages, on subjects of importance to me, for one reason or another.

If you enjoy this site, then please visit Tiocampo's Reading Page, which features an extensive collection of recommended books from Proceeds from affiliate book sales help defray my operating costs, and will help make this site even better.

You've probably already determined that this is not a web site about finance or international business; a more conventional use of the term "electic paradigm."

In any case, please enjoy your visit and come back often.

Frank R. Farmer