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This page features a series of photos taken by Frank Farmer. These are pictures of the Evolution Basin area of Kings Canyon National Park, in the southern portion of California's Sierra Nevada. The "1976" pictures were taken during the severe drought which affected the Western U.S. during 1976-77. The "1978" pictures were taken after the drought ended, with prodigious amounts of snowfall. Both sets of photos depict the same week in the year; the first week of June. The pictures were taken when Frank was a starving student; consequently, a Kodak Instamatic camera was used for all the shots.

There is also a Trip Map (BIG, 400K), showing my trips to this area, in 1976, 1977, and 1978. My "in-between" trip is documented in Tiocampo's 1977 Florence Lake Essay. Additional pictures from the 1978 trip may be found in Tiocampo's 1978 Evolution Photo Essay Supplement.

Evolution Lake, with Mount Mendel in background

1976 1978

The next few pictures were taken from the

summit of Mount Spencer

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