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KRFD Rocks On!
For a brief period in the 1990's, (2-1-92 to 3-10-94 to be exact), there existed in the southern Sacramento Valley, a superb radio station. This station, KRFD FM 99.9, played a format consisting of modern alternative rock combined with b-side classic rock, with a little reggae and a lot of blues thrown in.

The DJs were a fun bunch, with a great deal of freedom to select their play lists, and they were also open to listener requests.

Listeners of pioneering FM radio stations, such as KSAN, KTIM, KMPX, and KOME in the San Francisco Bay area, and KZAP in the Sacramento area, would have felt right at home.

Alas, but nothing lasts forever. The station had a small cadre of fanatical listeners (myself included), but one day the owners decided to change to a more commercially viable format.

KRFD Rocks on!
KRFD bumper sticker
This Page is dedicated to Andy Emert

Andy's business card

Comments From Former Underground Radio Employees and Friends
Other Fans
Martin Brown
Jeremy "Jerry" Dunn
Shannon Johnston
Mark McKee AKA John Flooder
Pete Rizzo
Bob Silva
News Reportage
Sacramento News & Review, October 15, 1992 (1)
Sacramento News & Review, October 15, 1992 (2)
More Station Stuff
DJ Log Memo by Andy Emert
The Last Song Played when KRFD went off the air
Loan Me a Dime
Business card, bumper sticker, SNR article, and DJ Log Memo provided
courtesy of Jeremy "Jerry" Dunn.
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